With digital revolution bringing a transformation in almost each and every sphere of our life, how can travel industry lag behind. Right from internal operation to booking and up to traveler experiences while on the go, digitization can bring about radical improvement in how the travel industry works and how travelers manage their operations right from planning and making itinerary to end of their travel.

Prima Analytics, based on their high-end system process, knowledge of the domain and adaptive technological integration through agile methods provide complete transformation to travel industries with innovative, future-centric solutions.

We Leverage Intelligent Systems to Transform Travel Experiences

We work through a holistic approach to transform the technological backbone of travel industry with introduction of new capabilities, streamlining their operation and automating the systems to free up the staff to focus on custom tasks that also leads to improved services and decreased operations costs.

Our main focus through custom-tailored digital consulting approach for you is on:

  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Leveraging analytics and business intelligence
  • Managing risk
  • Increasing revenue
  • Transforming core systems that ensure modernization of property management systems and reservation processes
  • Engaging travelers through digital platform implementation
  • Providing seamless integration for connected travelers through multiple channels
  • Integrating data for contextually aware experiences that leads to personalized experiences across channels

Influential, Impactful and Positive Travel Operations Transformation

From enhancing the human with enabled automated systems at the back to incorporation of smart devices that makes small to major tasks and systems convenient and comfortable for traveler as well as travel service provider, we create a process which leverages the free-flow of information through multiple network sources and unlock agility with integrated analytics, automation and business intelligence.

  • Web Development

A complete web development support system that provides you with an advanced and high-end website equipped with all the features specific to your service and products, including booking system, travel information, passenger data management, financial transactions, itinerary management, trip and travel guide and much more. A web infrastructure platform that acts as the complete source of service and communication channel for both the parties.

  • Mobile App Development

On-the-go mobile apps that takes care of each small to major requirement of the traveler, as well as provide interactive channels to communicate with travel agents, access place and travel real-time data, insights, travel suggestions, booking information and booking system support, and much more.

  • Digital Marketing

Right from giving your enterprise a virtual identity up to enhancing your visibility and reach within the target market, we provide complete service and solutions with innovative, multiple-channel based campaigns and approaches.

  • Online Booking System

Fully secured, feature-rich, easy-to-use interface and intuitive online booking systems that provide tailored solutions for compete online booking management and help organisation’s reach their target goals.

  • Hospitality Operations Management System

Intuitive web based and mobile applications that help manage complete aspects relate to guests stay and service, from start to finish, enhancing the overall custom service experience.

  • Navigation Applications

Support for your travelers through downloadable maps and mobile locations that help them reach some place new in a hassle-free manner.

  • Room-Booking and Taxi-Hailing Apps

Applications that help provide custom services for managing room booking and taxi/ cabs in an efficient, pleasant and seamlessly comfortable way at affordable prices.

  • Virtual Reality Experiences

We help you provide your customers with realistic experiences of different places they want to explore before visiting so as to help them make better and informed travel choices.

  • Intelligent Guest and Traveler Insights

Know who to target, which traveler community to focus on and how to provide tailored services for them with advanced and analytics based traveler and guest insights compiled through integrated business intelligence, and analytics. This helps in proactive decision making which improves in delivering personalized experiences at every touch point for the consumers.

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Powered Sales and Customer Support

Innovative, intuitive and agile digital solutions built specifically for your organisation that helps in analysis of data, understanding customer experiences, create proactive and reactive service structure, resolve issues faster, gain loyalty, and deliver consistent support while reducing costs and efforts.

From ideation to execution we help you get close to your customers, deliver personalized experiences and automate routine tasks at speed and scale.