Top 50 Blogs Every B2B Marketer Should Follow To Stay Ahead!

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May 28, 2019
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Top 50 Blogs Every B2B Marketer Should Follow To Stay Ahead! - Prima Analytics

B2B marketing is one of the leading and most competitive field these days. For B2B marketers, enhancing their contents and approaches towards the product marketing via interesting contents, advertisements and other marketing tools.  These B2B marketing betterment is done by adaptation of various marketing tools. The style, perspective and expertise on various topic requires an appropriate delivery of skills and products. These contents may contain various levels of information according to the need of situations. Following tools can be adapted for making your average marketing skills to grab all the attention of viewers and aspirants of information. These tools basically can be classified into:-

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Creativity
  • Marketing
  • Technical

Here are list of websites / blogs every B2B marketer should follow:

  • Blind Five Year OldThe basic working principle of this SEO tool is “Treat Search Engines like they are blind five years old”. It is a SEO agency run by AJ Kohn which proves to be powerful tool when it comes to searching category.
  • Search Engine Journal: The rule book tackling the blending of news, tips are of great importance in search marketing. The marketers require help in this provided via search engine journal.
  • BacklinkoLink building is one of the appreciative concept in SEO and content marketing although it is much needed as it provides the facts and figures making the content more realistic.
  • Tabular Insights: This blog is useful if you are looking to work on video content. This blog deals with 360° data over video contents including both technical and creative approaches.
  • MOZ: The most adapted and accepted SEO blog is MOZ which is because of it’s adaptation. This blog enables you to top the latest developments in search also, it reveals all the backgrounds of the topic.
  • Search Engine Land: This is a newer blog as compared to others and provide ultimate confidence in all the field searches, providing focused and updated information.
  • SEO By The Sea: This blog is an encyclopedia of searches. It works by joining the technical and theoretical research approach. i.e. it bridges the differences between the published material and the on-field application of same.
  • Content Marketing Institute: This feed endured all the information availability for a content marketer from tip to toe with detail. It also contains in-depth resources for further queries or skill advancement.
  • Convince And Convert: This content blog is helpful for the people looking for clear figures and facts molded in an interesting frame of words provides original and unique aspects of a topic.
  • Social Media Examiner: For all the queries of a general content marketer this blog proves to be a helpful guide providing guidelines and “how” about all the content publishing scenarios.
  • Martechtoday: Martech (Marketing Technology) provides an inside-over the intersection on the technical and marketing issues. The other platforms may include real experts on different emerging platforms depicted by martech as well.
  • Copy Blogger: This blog reflects that legacy. This is a powerful fully packed resource book having resources (podcasts) and also it may allow you to look at overall aspects of job of content marketer.
  • Marketing Inside: This content formula is widely shared and supported on the platforms like LinkedIn, SlideShare, which is important for a powerful feed.
  • Marketing LandIt is a platform to provide news related to digital marketing. It is an active blog providing all the information and their updates to need in marketing press and opinions.
  • Marketing ProfsThis blog is associated with smart opinions expressed sharply. It contains information about all the “plan B” with launch of new resources you can obtain alerts via this blog. Marketing profs is a very reliable and widely used tool.
  • Internet Marketing Ninjas: Name and the blog itself are very interesting. This blog is itself are very interesting. This blog is used in approaching internet marketing with a vie of SEO perspective.
  • Aimclear Blog: The very clear aim of “aimclear” is to serve the audience with digital marketing updates with side of shared. It explains the importance and ways to provide energy to your content.
  • Adage: One of the most popular brands in marketing which reflects the quality and quantity perfection of columnists on this blog.
  • Adland: Adland is all about a creative you to reach the smart, interesting and attracting choice of content for marketing.
  • Adrants: Adrants is a platform to represent the opinions of the marketers which is interesting and informative on same grounds. This blog is all about growing with others.
  • Ogilvy On Our Minds: This platform is a global one having choices, onions and perspectives of different markets on different situation around the globe – This platform also provide practical advises.
  • Terrible Minds: This blog is one of the finest and most reliable blog for creativity of content run by writer chuck wending. Swoly adding to the content quality of followers.
  • Gaping Void: Gaping void is an unique tool which presents the ideology and concepts with a different style of cartooning. The cartoons are delight when you’re stressing yourself over information gathering. But are equally useful.
  • I Love Typography: It contains information about the design including factors which enables you to have an in-depth knowledge of working of content marketing and to analyse your success and backlogs.
  • ReadWrite:– ReadWrite deliver the information obtained from front-line of technology. It works on the present as well as future hotspots as a writer to be concerned about. It talks about future first for better establishment of present.
  • I Can Has Cheez Burger: An exclusive social media blog which comprise of memes delivering all the information a way out to reach human and society for views and experiences.
  • Tech Crunch: Tech crunch is a blog which shows all the possibilities and expectancy during an entrepreneurship and also technology news related to innovation and startups.
  • Econsultancy: This blog contains information about digital marketing which have both creative ideas and also their opinions related to digital marketing.
  • Five Thirty Eight: This blog is all about numbers and data analysis. This data analysis report is made readable including big global stories and perspective around world.
  • Wait But Why: It have topics like AI and human brain with wit and thus the posts are less frequent on this blog. Every installment of this blog ensures betterment in serial stories, illustrations and inspiration stories.
  • Backdesuyo: It is a blog empowering and enhancing experience a life coaching. It gives you an insight and key features of a healthy, happy and worth life.
  • Deep LearningDeep learning is one of the latest applications of artificial intelligence. It is all about providing management concepts.
  • Edwin Chen: It shows me dimensions of metrics to the aspirants and provides this by AI application. It is unique and exciting door for the ones who want to throw light on.
  • Microsoft AI Blog: News about the business and other works are offered by this blog driven by artificial intelligence.
  • Peta Pixel: This blog consists of practical advises, reviews of products and the photography news. Adding on to this, these photography are accompanied by the stories they store.
  • Froknowsphoto: This blog is for the people associated with visual images work. It have expert insight on these images giving a way to present perform marketing.
  • F Stoppers: F Stoppers is a community photography blog. It also combines advises, stories and tips. This blog have information and stories of emerging photographers.
  • Buzz Sumo: Buzz sumo helps in management and planning of content strategy. It allows you to look at the audience interest over the contents enabling you to adopt.
  • Ahrefs: Ahrefs is a tool which enables you to look at the SEO aspects of B2B marketing initiative features presented by Ahrefs include keyword research, track rankings and other study of competitors.
  • Marketo: Marketo governs checking and improvement of planning, execution and digital marketing activities of a marketer. Marketo features email marketing, lead generation or mobile marketing. Its suitable for all organisations sizes.
  • Salesforce: Salesforce is suitable for large organisations as it allows you to store large volume of data and customers and prospects.
  • Optin Monster: It deals with conversation of web traffic and to capture leads. This platform offers a choice of customization using behavior automation to influence conversions.
  • Buffer: This tool helps in regulating and checking social media posts and their scheduling. It improves the influence of your content.
  • Clearbit: With Clearbit you can convert your web traffic to useful customer profile. It helps in providing a clear output of the searches.
  • Sprout Social: It is a platform for managing your social media performance which includes analysis, scheduling and publishing of posts regularly.
  • Unbounce: It helps in building and testing of landing pages, sticky bars and website popups. Also unbounce can help you with running A/B tests.
  • Engagio: This marketing tool helps with account based marketing. Your account will have altered techniques. These alerts will help you in enhancing your actions.
  • Intercom: Intercom provides capturing least features and also helps in conveying them. It also engages customers via in-app and push messages.
  • Discover Org: This tool helps you in managing both lead generation and account based marketing. It also helps with appropriate usage and timing of responses for customers.
  • Mashable: Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Mashable is obsessed with culture and tech, offering smart, spirited coverage of the products and innovations that shape our connected lives and the digital trends that keep us talking.

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