Real Estate

Real Estate IT Consulting Services

Rendering adaptive technology that enables you to create prototype for reducing development process, cut costs and time, along with streamlining the commercial and residential valuation and other related services we help real estate professionals generate leads and enhance their ROI.

Adaptive, Cutting-Edge IT Consulting Services

The real estate industry is evolving and with so many verticals to look after, you need to have an agile and scalable process to manage all phases in the value chain. We create a structured process, where we, incorporating in-depth knowledge and our expertise in project management domain help you right from pre-consultation planning to post-construction sales.

Custom-Tailored Services to Set-Up You for Market Success

We help establish your business’s foundation leveraging high-end IT Solutions capitalizing the potential of mobile technology, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), and CAD.

  • Web & Mobile App Development

We help develop dynamic and responsive web site, property management software, real estate accounting software, CRM software and app, and online property booking portal to provide you with customer-centric solutions and listing management.

  • Mobility Solutions

Enable your employees and clients working on project sites to document the process with tailor-made solutions in the form of GPS enabled wearables and mobile devices.

  • Interactive Cloud Solutions

Our Interactive cloud solutions help create a centralized system that enables you to manage property listing, client data, and everything else in a streamlined and updated manner.

  • Business Intelligence for Agile Data Management

A crafted business intelligence and data house architecture that is scalable and rational can be customized and updated according to the changing data requirements of the customers and the clients. You are also able to maintain work space steadiness, information security, employee connection along with flexibility and responsiveness in a dynamic manner.

  • Digital Marketing Solutions

Leveraging the best of the tools and technology, coupled with influential social media and event-based branding campaigns, we help give your business the visibility and target audience reach that it deserves.

We help you perform multiple tasks efficiently and effectively through a centralized and processed platform:

  • Dynamic portal development that provides real-time data and analytics for the property.
  • Management system for field force implementation.
  • Information and workflow management.
  • Inventory management, risk monitoring and document management enterprise applications.
  • Integration of end-to-end business functions within the IT platform.
  • Operations tracking and monitoring with report generation

As a managed IT consulting firm, we help your real estate firm with high-end, responsive and secured structure that helps you provide convenience and quality to your customers.