Oracle Fusion

Oracle Fusion

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Create Customer Happiness with Service Cloud

Do you need to differentiate your brand from others in the market? Then you can develop a profitable relationship with the social, contact center as well as a unified web experience. If you need the Oracle Fusion Services then you are landed at the right destination. We are leading the Oracle Fusion Service provider. We have experienced experts to provide the first-class service to our customers. We provide support engineers access instantly to the entire content you need. With the complete customer support service, you can create customer happiness.

Content engagement – be reliable as commitment shift around different channels without any trouble.

Understand needs – We understand the needs of customers and provide the best service within a short time.

Solve problems – We provide an accurate answer with our certified experts at anywhere and anytime whether day or night.

Delight customers – We provide an excellent and reliable experience to our customers anywhere they want.

What are the Solutions we offer?

We provide a large range of solution to our customers with the trained and experienced team. Our experts have the skill to provide the right solution for complex problems. Our support team has the expertise to use advanced technology and tools to solve the issues within a limited time. Here is a list of solutions offered by our support team:

  • Digital customer service
  • Cross-channel contact center
  • Knowledge management
  • Policy automation
  • Field service 
  1. Digital customer service

Oracle Service cloud digital customer service is an ideal choice to find the correct answer online from any kind of devices such as mobile phone, tablet, and others. Most of the people are using digital customer service to get a solution quickly. The self-learning knowledge base enhances the customer’s interaction that offers depth into the trend.

  • Self-service

Customer portal – You can create the banded service page or pixel perfect with the existing website look on your own by using the free tools.

Mobile – Without the help of new mobile applications, you can easily the delivery of customer service to all model mobile devices.

Community – In the community, you can control the customer skill with the P2P network. The peers are a computer system that connected to everything through the internet. The files are shared between the PC without the central server.

  • Omni-Channel

Live and Video Chat – The users can enjoy the video and live chat with the omnichannel. It helps them to resolve the problems with the agent whenever they want.

Co-browse – The co-browser allow the professional team to view screen of clients to assist them during their journey and resolve the questions.

Virtual Assistant – With the experienced virtual assistant, we guide the clients to accurate answer in the simple as well as a natural conversation.

  • Embedded knowledge

Intelligent knowledge-base – The intelligent knowledge allows you to learn automatically from all customer interaction

  • Smart Engagement

Guided assistance – We provide guided assistance to help our customers. Our assistance helps to improve the self-service to guide our clients to resolve the complex problems.

Smart assistant – You can get the answer immediately to any question with our smart assistant.

  • Email response management

Email support – We offer resolution with the timely responses which control the workflow, omnichannel communication, centralized skill, and routing.

Intelligent response – It helps to reduce the total number of inquiries by responding to an asked question from the customers.

Customer feedback – Our support team checks the customer feedback across different chats, social channels, website, mobile, and omni-channels. Our support assistance provides the service based on customer feedback.

  1. Cross-channel contact center

The integrated, productive and Cross-channel contact center allows the assistance to mainly focus on the customers in the multiple apps. We have a strong support team to provide the best service to our valuable customers.

  • Case management

Omni Channel – It allows the customers through multiple channels such as video chat, mobile, live chat, virtual assistant and others. It is the right choice to access a different channel to gather customer feedback.

Intelligent routing and queuing – You can choose the experienced and certified experts with the profile data of customers. It assures the problems are routed to the best experts.

Integrated telephony – During the published APIs, it enables the integration to ACD and cloud.

Proactive communications – You can improve brand awareness with proactive communication while sending automated system email or notification to the customers.

  • Guided Resolution

Scripting – Through the customer interactions, you can deliver the scripts to the experts and get their responses quickly.

Guided Assistance – We provide a guided assistance service to our clients. Guide experts to right resolution and assure that the trainee agent can fix the complex customer issues in a short time like the trained experts.

  • Contextual agent experience

Dynamic desktop – The dynamic desktop helps to guide the experts with the relevant and up to date information.

Contextual Workspace – In the conversation context, we present the data only the assistant required and the clients question at hand. The guide agent provides the solution faster.

Desktop Workflow – Task-based workflow can be adjusted to the knowledge of the guide agent, customer segment as well as context. It provides the desktop workflow easily.

Smart Assistant – We deliver patented artificial intelligence technology to provide an exact answer. The smart assistant helps to reduce the handling time of agent and delivery the best solution.

  • Unified Agent Desktop

One Desktop – We provide the one desktop service. It is simple to integrate systems into one desktop for the experts.

  • Customer Engagement

Proactive – Personalize communications with excellent customer data from service profiles.

Feedback – We offer the customer feedback at any time through the journey of the customer.

  • Highly Configurable

Business Agility – We respond to the market trends with a great solution which is simple to configure. We manage the complete service operations through the low TCO, low dependency as well as agility on the technological resources.

You can speak without the support team and get an instant solution for all problems without hassle.