Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment is one industrial segment that has experienced paradigm shifts in the recent years due to pertaining digital adoption. Need for immersive consumer experience and modernization of their products and channels necessitate adoption towards a new age digital reality.

 Prima Analytics Help You Transform Your Digital Value Chains 

Incorporating a process that focuses on developing top-to-bottom design and implementation of applications, as well as process solutions help us to continually build, grow and adapt your infrastructure to the changing marketplace. Our focus is on crafting experience-led platform models, digital distribution process and streamlining of content development that provide you scalable capabilities and move faster to meet the rapidly evolving consumer demands.

 Increased Workflow Efficiencies – Actionable Improvements 

With increased digital disruption in the media and entertainment sector, you need new rules of engagement which require new formats and future-centric channels and platforms. Our strategic approach leverages available opportunities, fuel future growth and become highly adaptive efficiently to your B2B or B2C model.

 We incorporate holistic approach, focus on tangible results creating a system built on collaborative, and action-oriented capabilities. Our services include agile, open-platform and data-driven models, designed in a tailored manner specific to suit your goals and objectives:

Consumer Insight and Growth: Smart technology solutions that enable potent and seamless experience across channels for increasing customer engagement within a personalized platform. We create contextual data-driven architecture for the new and existing customers that are analytics powered, provide actionable information and automation, enabling you to market, campaign and implement best practices for unified customer experience.

Smart Advertising Solutions: Advertising is a key for growing your reach and branding success. We incorporate high-end digital marketing channels and processes, create sales automation, and implement data-driven and agile industrialized advertising channels. We focus on better outcomes that can come only through better engagement, and this forms the base for our structured advanced audience target, brand control methodologies, cutting-end analytics, and expanded addressable market.

Network Services: In today’s digital age, you are expected to leverage a robust and strong network infrastructure to deliver uninterrupted and advanced, flexible and cutting-edge services. We help create new software-driven network platforms, achieve ultra-lean legacy network management, and transform the operating model to create dynamic and intelligent network operations and services.

Digital Products: Your growth depends a lot on how engaging channels you create with target audience. This is where digital products like videos and animations come as of high significance. From strategy to delivery, we incorporate an optimized content creating and broadcasting method that is based on data-driven consulting, agile process, and industrialized video platforms to bring your ideas, products and service to life in front of your audience.

Cloud Management: Going cloud is the new-age methodology for scalable, flexible and optimized digital process. We empower your business to stay ahead with a complete gamut of enterprise, digital and analytics cloud services. We provide complete assistance for cloud strategy, assessment and road map, transformation & migration, managed platform optimization, application services, security and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Cyber-Security: Data, infrastructure and network security is of utmost importance for your enterprise. We help build cyber resilience from inside out implementing strategy and risk assessment, application and managed security, improving digital identity and robust cyber defense plan in process.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Artificial intelligence is integral to helping you become the potent force of tomorrow’s digital delivery based on consumer behavior, data insights, and turnkey solution requirements. We enable intelligent automation process, AI-powered strategies, applied processes, advanced analytics, enterprise data management that brings adaptability to change and evolving needs.

From the early stages of strategic initiatives and significant change up to meeting your expectations to meet anticipated market innovation changes, we build solutions that strengthen your infrastructure, management, processes and bring qualitative factors that maximize value and drive objectives and financial results.