Education is one such industry that can really gain tremendously with the use of technology. Right from resources to method of delivery, interaction between educator and aspirant to flexibility in learning has really come of age with digitization. Today’s smart technology is well-placed to transform the entire educational domain and make it more feasible and approachable.

We Transform the Prevalent Systems and Provide Implementation Services for Interactive Content

Personalizing the approach to learning, we, at Prima Analytics correspond complete solutions in the form of application, website development, ERP management, educational software and more to enhance how you operate and provide easy access to advanced learning solutions. Our models are crafted in a custom-tailored way for schools up to colleges, institutions, and universities and other private organisation in the sector that adds up accessibility, interactive features and affordability in their solutions with managed service approach.

  • Learning Management Systems

We can create and provide you with a complete, advanced and innovative Learning Management System (built specifically for your organisation) that includes high-end features like audit-proofing, content availability, training sessions, and much more.

  • Virtual Classroom Solutions

Holistic virtual classroom solutions that enhance content delivery, are easy to set-up and manage and provide far-end accessibility and interactivity for you.

  • Online Institutional Management System

A comprehensive online institutional management system that ensures collaboration between teachers, students and parents, creates an open and seamless environment, enables smooth school operations, optimizes the needs of the learners and education providers and deliver solutions to them.

  • Custom Website Development

Create custom educational website that takes into consideration the need of student and education provider, incorporate e-learning module creation, with dynamic availability of all the latest information, and resources that help bridge the informational gap between them.

  • Mobile Application Development

High-end mobile applications that take interactivity to the new level, provide easy and efficient accessibility of information of educational data and allow for smooth and seamless communication.

  • Content Enrichment

We help educational organisations upgrade their teaching and learning infrastructure, improve learning content quality, manage timely delivery that results in improved student engagement and positive teaching experience. Some of the highlights include software for e-learning, content and media development and deployment, customizable platform and other content resources that includes assignments, questionnaires, etc.

  • Cloud Systems

Improve your learning solutions in an efficient way with cloud-based learning solutions for all levels that saves time for both education providers and aspirants, as well as save time, money and improve productivity.

  • Analytics

Incorporation of analytics in the form of visualization, infrastructure and analytical tools for collaboration of data that enhances and class and teaching procedures and enable personalized learning services.

  • Mobility

Our mobility solutions help you extend the learning experience beyond the classroom, enabling learners to learn that their own location with full flexibility of time and pace. We provide responsive content rendering, content enhancement for new devices, specific content device and format support, tracking and monitoring of content usage and availability.

  • Digital Examination Systems

Online examination systems that improve the accessibility for aspirants, saves time, money and expenses, and are highly robust and fully secured with advanced automated implementation to ensure fair and convenient process.

  • Digital Marketing

Innovative marketing solutions for institutes and educational organisations that help them in extending their reach and enhance consumer and student engagement, creating and influential and positive impact.

  • AR and VR

A new-age technology, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have the potential to eliminate the location differences and enable live training and meeting irrespective of where you are, thus paving way for more advanced and interactive education and training delivery solutions.

Technology offers terrific and scalable scope in the new0age development of educational sector. It is all about how you adopt to it, integrate it seamlessly within your existing system for a much-needed and growth-centric transformation.

We can help you sort out your challenges and provide right consulting and solutions that specifically meets your demand and educational and organisational objectives.