B2B Marketing Automation Platforms! Which Platform Is Best For Your Business?

Amazon Reportedly Working On Testing Emotion Recognition Gadget - Prima Analytics
Amazon Reportedly Working On Testing Emotion Recognition Gadget
May 30, 2019
B2B Marketing Automation Platforms! Which Platform Is Best For Your Business? - Prima Analytics

B2B Marketing Automation Platforms – It’s All About Connecting

Marketing technology and methodology is a matter of great concern and attention when you enter to the world of business irrespective of a particular domain. Every business marketing is performed with a sole motive of collecting, authenticating and analyzing consumer data without any delays. As these delays may prove to be very harmful for brand. “Customer satisfaction (CX)” is the sole and ground motive to be attained while working. For which marketing technology is a priority nowadays. The spending of brands on global marketing revenues will projected to reach $15.3 billion by 2023. Marketing automation platforms work on improving and providing “hustle-free” experience to the customer. The market is rapidly transforming due to the need of integrated marketing functionality by B2B marketers. This will efficiently translates into bottom-line return. These B2B marketing platforms are well known to provide centralized marketing database and other reports related to web traffic, visitor behavior and campaign results.

B2B Marketing Automation Platforms! Which Platform Is Best For Your Business? - Prima Analytics

The core features provided by these B2B marketing platforms are ability to build, track and manage campaigns include:-

  • Email marketing and landing page development
  • Lead management (capture, scoring and nurturing)
  • Native CRM integration
  • APIs or app marketplaces

These B2B marketers are constantly evolving themselves from good to great by offering advanced features such as:-

  • Dynamic content generation
  • Account based marketing (ABM)
  • Mobile marketing
  • AI based predictive analytics
  • Social/lead profile integration

Following are some widely used tools in B2B marketing:-

Act-onThe working principle of Act-on is to target the emerging growth and mid market B2B companies with different working profiles of business and finance services, manufacturing, higher education insurance and technology. This is a common formed in 2008 with 200 current members and a total venture funding of $74M.

Features of products and services:

  • Adaptive journeys – It is a module to be served as a guide and providing information regarding marketing data for more customized engagement.
  • Point-and-click lead management program including associated services.
  • Rapid replies to queries via Emails or interactive pages.
  • Open opportunity for easier combination of technology stack.

Social media integration module enables to produce, manage and nurture and analyze day to day B2B social media activities.

Pricing:- Pricing of act on is available in two tiers:

  • Professional:- starting from $900/month for 2500 active contacts and 5 marketing users, 50 sales users and 30,000 API calls per day.
  • Enterprise:- starts at $2000/month for 10,000 active members and 6 marketing users and 50,000 API calls/day.

IBM Watson Marketing: the targeted customers for this tool are B2B and and B2C  including both midsize companies and Enterprises. IBM was found in 1911 having 4,00,000 employees working in around 170 different countries. Watson campaign automation offers following features:

  • The marketers can build efficient and quick multi-channel digital campaigns which can help in profile update of customers.
  • Lead capture, nurturing and scoring can be done at an economical level for both, company and customer.
  • Journey designer team collaborating to provide customer journey
  • Email insights offer a quick reply to the emails on various platforms such as Gmail.
  • Mobile app push helps in tracking the mobile app inputs and personalize the demand.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used for working of Watson campaign and automation along with Watson marketing portfolio of solutions.

Watson campaign automation’s social audiences management is done for paid social media of existing customers.

Social sign in currently support use of major platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Pricing is is totally based on size of customer database of clients and interaction services.  there are no fee trials and maximum contracts are done for about 12 months . This includes 24/7 emailing.

iContact: This tool is is profitable for mid-market companies nonprofits and educational institutions. It was founded back in 2003 and having current team of experts of around 150 employees having a summation of Ventures resulting in 54 million dollars. Settled in Beltsville,MD.

iContact offers a blend of email marketing campaign management automated workflows landing pages and other analysis.  Key features include:

  • Segmentation and targeting
  • A/B testing
  • Drag & drop landing page
  • Salesforce sync

and other campaigning management features.

The social CRM tracks The customer engagement including email social media and other websites the basic platforms supported by this tool are Facebook, Twitter etc.

Pricing:- pricing for iContact starts from $99/month for 2500 customers.

It includes email chat and phone technical support available for 5 days a week including Spanish language. Free trial is available. The contract may be made annually or monthly.

Auto Pilot HQ: This tool targets primarily on SMBs end mid market B2B and B2C marketers in high-tech, SaaS, retail or e-commerce. The company was formed in 2013 having 2300 customers around the globe assisted by around 60 employees. The major workplace of autopilot lies in Sydney Australia. Following are features of products offered by autopilot:-

  • Visual marketing software: helps in achieving marketing goals via nurturing and growing high paying customers through mail, web,SMS etc.
  • Drag and connect canvas to provide tip to toe solution for new comers.
  • Connects more than 700 purpose built tools to the personalized demands of customers.
  • Annotate and collaborate option for presenting ideas of different platforms together.

Social media profile is automatically synchronized with contacts stored in or imported to autopilot platform.

  • Pricing: Free 30 days trial with further 3 payment modules as
  • Silver:- free and include 24/6 services.
  • Gold:- includes priority support.
  • Platinum:- one to one sessions and other personalized services.

Higher Logic: higher logic works for mid markets organizations including the non-profit organizations or hospitality, publisher and education sectors. The company was established in 2007 with current 300 plus employees and venture of $55M serving 2900 plus global customers. Product features provided by the tool are:-

  • Their online community and marketing automation products provide communications that are both inbound and outbound.
  • It also helps to check on the influence of your content for the customers.
  • It manages both accounts and users.
  • It provides unlimited mails for account reviews.

Social media integration:- It provides inline social sharing options based on platforms such as twitter, Facebook, linkedln etc.

Pricing:- A minimum 12 month agreement is required with no free trials although prices are not publicly revolved. It also takes one time implementation fee.

Hubspot:- Hubspot targets the customers of B2B and B2C which include mid market as majority but also startups and small business. The company was founded in 2006 with a current huge working team of 2500 plus employees. Hubspot serve front 52,000 customers from 100 plus countries.

Hubspot growth platform comprises of software stack for marketing sales and other customer success via free CRM at it’s core. The platform components are:-

  • Hubspot marketing hub:- It includes monitoring of lead capture and management also helps in governing nurturing analytics.
  • Hubspot sales hub:- It tracks user’s inbox so as to keep a check on product sales.
  • Hubspot service hub:- It is used for customizing needs of customers.
  • Hubspot CRM:- Used by organization who are at beginning of formalizing their sales process.
  • Hubspot CMS:- It uses a personalized engine to abstract experience from each customer separately.

Pricing:- Most of components have free service whereas other add on require payment based on no of database contacts.

Infusion Soft by Keap:- This tool is significant for small businesses with lesser no of employees (2 to 25). It was founded in 2001 with 550 current employees and a venture funding of $140M. Infusion soft binds all the customer information in a module of tools including

  • CRM which imports and organizes contacts. It is responsible for contact management and task management. It also custom segmentation.
  • Marketing automation provides lead capture with personalized communication services.
  • Sales automation for reverting back to emails tasks, appointment etc.
  • Sales pipeline includes sales pipeline management, quote and other management.
  • E-commerce (add on) to perform features like order forms, seamless payment process and many more.

Social media integration includes analysis and optimization of facebook ads by infusion software.

Pricing:- starting from least $99/mo with a free trial option and provides 24/7 live chat or by prone in regular working hours. Facebook ads are individually tailored service by infusion software.

Mautic: this tool works for the mid markets and Enterprise level companies having different working domains, having multiple brands, markets and clients. The company was formed in 2014 but started working in 2016. Currently working for more than 200 thousand users globally. Company is based in Boston along with offices in San Francisco and Prague.

Mautic offers an option of combining both home grown and third party tools for more effective use. It contains appropriate content for communication via emails, messages etc. It have flexible API which enables the customer to create required amount of customized fields. Campaign tools helps users to build an integrated communication stream.

Mautic integrates with Twitter for social media monitoring and communication. Whereas Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are used for advertising segments only.  it also allows working of tools like Oktopost which allows customers to deliver content on various social media platforms.

Pricing :- Pricing criteria of Mautic is based on number of contact in database which is available as an annual SaaS subscription. Includes unlimited emails campaigns segments and API connections and calls. SMS services are free and it also offers 7 day sandbox experience to try the core features of Mautic.

Mailchimp: Founded in 2001, this company tool is designed to primarily serve small and medium businesses especially e-commerce and technology spaces. Currently working with a huge team of 1000 employees. Mailchimp helps in creating combined marketing campaigns. The features:-

  • Marketing channels: It includes marketing tools for maintaining emails, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and other management.
  • Automation:- It creates and manages the product recommendation, purchases, abandoned carts etc and following up on same.
  • Integrations:- It works to combine supported apps and web services to user’s account to provide access to tools and services.
  • Testing:- Provides A/B and multivariate testing tools.
  • Advanced analytics:- Keeps a check on real time data across channels.
  • Segmentation:- Targets marketing efforts as well as helps in organizing tools.

Enables to create Facebook and Instagram ads along with Google re-marketing ads.

Pricing:- Free services upto 2000 subscriber

  • $15/month for 501 to 1000 subscribers.
  • $20/month for 1001 to 1500 subscribers.
  • $30/month for 1501 to 2500 subscribers.

(Unlimited email services)

Pro:- $199/month with add on features.

Marketo: It serves customers from SMB to enterprise. Level B2B and B2C marketers including variety of industries such as education, healthcare, technology etc. it have a team of 1500 employees and satisfied customers over 5000 across 56 countries. It was acquired by adobe, October 2018. The could base engagement platform features application in 5 solutions

  • Email marketing:- helps in conversation via emails.
  • Lead management helps in attracting and nurturing buyers and deliver leads to sales.
  • Consumer marketing:- engages consumers for hustle free experience.
  • Customer base marketing:- It helps in creating cross-channel engagement.
  • Account based marketing:- Plant ABM protocols and measure influences on pipeline and revenue. Marketo engagement silent features include.
  • Built un-segmentation.
  • Automated A/B testing.
  • Progressive profiling.
  • Social sign in.

And other add on related to sales, content are also accessible.

Integrations across Facebook, google and linkedln.

Pricing:- mainly based on two factors

  • The amount if customer database.
  • Additional infrastructure requested.

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