Automotive is one of the biggest industries that is one of the biggest driving forces of our economy and impacts almost all sectors and segments. A preeminent consumer of the industrial revolution, the automotive industry is undoubtedly facing the biggest moment of consumer change in today’s times, all with the digital and technological acceleration.

We, at Prima Analytics develops IT strategies which brings forward a platform that influences automotive industry through systematic digitization and connectivity.

We Address Major Challenges and Transform Journey

We have a deep understanding of the automotive domain enable manufacturers and deliverers increase their efficiency, market presence, agility, viability, develop better products, streamline supply chain, and build lasting relations with consumers with improved loyalty. Our model is built around leveraging IT operations, IT infrastructure operations and lean IT principles. Our solutions are crafted for business intelligence for OEMs, to pre-purchase research tools for car owners, vehicle service management system and vehicle and consumer device integration.

Our Digital Capabilities – Analytics, Interface Design, Mobility, IoT, Social Media:

Visualization and Business Intelligence (BI)

We will implement BI and visual analytics for manifold purposes:

  • Improve inventory, order processing for dealer performance.
  • Improve process to enable maximized utilization of manufacturing equipment.
  • Gain buyer profile insights and vehicle sale visibility.
  • Effectively manage matching inventory, production plan for efficient parts management.
  • Manage vehicle rebates and commissions.

Enterprise Applications

  • Creation of end-to-end software solutions for automating back-end and sales process
  • CRM solutions for sales services, customer enquiry and stock information.
  • Efficient RFQ system implementation for complete business automation.

Advanced Analytics

  • Efficient supply planning and inventory management through analytical equipment utilization process.
  • Implementation of predictive automation that helps to anticipate and foretell failures with complete analysis of warranty repairs and such maintenance data.
  • Managing of marketing and advertising campaigns and expenses with targeted market insights and custom messages and offers.
  • Analysis of consumer financial data to create and implement financial schemes.

Integration of Vehicle with Smart Devices

Incorporation of digital technology that enables integration of vehicle with consumer devices that enhances their use of vehicle and improve the overall capability of vehicle management.

Vehicle Quality Management: Reduce and eliminate issues of recall and improve customer satisfaction by capturing, tracking and broadcasting quality issues.

Information System management: Complete management of the warranty system with analytics, decision and reporting that takes into account supplier cost recovery, proactive diagnostics, claims optimization and compliance management requirements.

Social Media Intelligence: An efficient branding and digital marketing process for the business, coupled with competitor intelligence covering, supply chain disruptions, product design feedback, lead generation and customer experience evaluation.

With a proper plan in process and scalable and efficient technological incorporation that is designed specific to your industry and your brand, we help you uncover your potential, create product and management processes and deliver enhanced services while building efficient partnerships.