Android Application Development

Got A Great Android App Development Idea? Hire Our Expert Developer

Are you wishing to bring your android application ideas into life? Well, join hands with us because we are the leading and award-winning android app development company in the world. We build a robust, solid, and requirement specific mobile application within the given timelines and budgets. We also have proven abilities in reducing business challenges, understanding clients’ requirements, and offering compelling yet efficient android solutions with the best value.

Using emerging android technologies and tools, we build high-performance business solutions. We not only help you to develop a robust android application but also assist your business to grow exponentially. With the proven track of the record, we have worked for many industries and fulfilled their requirements.

If you wish to take with our experts before giving the project, then we always welcome you. Our expert will be ready to give the necessary answer to all your questions and clarify all the doubts. You can even get the proposal of the project beforehand to ensure whether we are good enough to make your app idea into reality.

 Why business requires a solid and beautiful android app

In the modern era, a business that does not have a mobile application is not considered the best one. Moreover, they cannot able to grow further in a highly competitive market. Currently, more than 70 percent of customers use android mobiles. Therefore, having the android application is mandatory for all the business regardless of scale and size.

If you wish to reach a large customer base, then you should need the help of the android mobile application development company. Upon reaching us, we offer you both technical and business consulting at an affordable rate. We also design android business applications for your partners, customers, and internal employees.

When you get application development service from us, you can able to save more investment and make a big profit on your business operations. Alongside, you will spend more on developing customer-centric and innovative business models. Take a glance at the reasons for business requires an android application.

  • A good android app brings more word-of-mouth recommendations and therefore you can get twice the customers with less spending on branding
  • The best android application assists in a significant reduction in time and money for branding and marketing
  • When the end users love your android app UX and design, you get more loyal users and therefore your business will reach new heights easily
  • Simplified and effective UX helps the users find what they actually want quickly and effortlessly
  • It is a perfect entryway for the first timers to get your business service so that you will get a new customer without investing more.
  • Having an android application for your business allows you to enjoy all kinds of benefits in your niche and attract worldwide customer without spending much on branding
  • With an in-app purchase, paid subscriptions, and in-app advertising, business can get revenue from multiple sources than ever before. Additionally, it can be customized based on your business requirements.

Things make us deliver successful android apps

Are you thinking about what makes us deliver only successful app solution for all kinds of clients? Explore the below section.

  • We understand the application market thoroughly and up-to-date with the recent changes
  • We also develop omnichannel UX to keep offline channels
  • We include internalization and localization feature based on the audience expectation
  • We perform computability, functional, and automated testing before final delivery of the project and launching as well
  • We code the application under the professional guidelines for ease of update in the future
  • We concentrate more on user experience so that simplified user navigation with the flexible layouts
  • We help clients build high performance and top-notch android app based on their business requirements using agile methodology

Explore our android app development process

Right from app idea to project development and publishing it in the popular platform such as Google play store, our experienced team will handle all things with utmost care and attention. They also give you instant and real-time updation of the entire app development life-cycle. Here is the android app development cycle, which we follow.

  • Analysis of requirement

Firstly, we get to know our clients completely including their expectation, project objective, budget, the period required to project delivery, and much more. Knowing all these things prior will help you to move further and offer 100% satisfaction through our service excellent. Upon grasping the client’s requirements and challenges faced in the industry, we propose the best in class solution with all vital details.

  • Wire-framing and designing

Next, our expert team will prepare a blueprint structure based on the client’s requirements by incorporating the latest tools and technology. Then, they start wire-frame each screen and design the application to fulfill the needs and expectations of clients by using their whole expertise in this industry.

  • Development

During the development phase, our team and we carry too much concern because mistakes can happen anytime and ruin the entire aspects. With the help of industry-recognized developers, we code the android application without any bugs. After that, our experts’ layout the main section, and architecture design for the application. Using agile methodology, we keep the current market trends and features in the app even the last minute. After completing everything, we collect feedback from our clients for further improvements.

  • Testing

We do not assure that we have developed a completely bug-free android application. Therefore, we have hired a specialized team in testing to conduct rigorous testing both manually and automatically to test the application in all ways. They test the application inch-by-inch and notify bugs immediately to the developers. Upon rectifying errors, our experts do test the app again. This process continues until the app becomes 100% bug-free. Finally, we send the app to the client and obtain final approval.

  • Deployment

After meeting the guidelines of the play store, we deploy the android application to app stores. Likewise, we also deploy the app into the client’s server for ease of accessibility for the end user. As we take full responsibility to fix any compliance guideline problem and make sure the successful launch and deployment of the app on the android marketplace and app store. Therefore, you need not take a heavy burden on your heads. Once the app reaches the user’s hand, you will get a real-time experience of using application.

  • Support and maintenance

We know that the android marketplace evolves every now and then. To keep our clients always at the top position, we constantly monitor the market changes and inform them of new updates in advance. Therefore, it assists us to deliver innovative and up-to-date applications. It also avoids breakouts in the CX for the ongoing use. We maintain the flexible and reliable maintenance engagement model to make sure your invested money recovered completely.

Why prefer us for android app development

As the award-winning android app development, we have dedicated and experienced android specialist developers who have an outstanding skill set and knowledge to deliver what you exactly demand in the android app. Combination of their expertise and our innovative technology delivers symphony in the android apps. So, by joining hands with us, you can able to transform your business greatly. Explore various reasons, which indicate choosing us is the smart move.

  • We enable business with the real-time data insight by combining third party tools and existing company systems along with the android app
  • We maintain the compatibility of your mobile application with the latest and newest android versions. We also migrate any kind of application to the android from another mobile platform
  • Our android developers deliver superior quality of an android application by applying automated and manual testing methods to enable business along with the competitive mobile app solutions.
  • For client beneficial, we are offering free consultation and helping them choose the best tech stack for the android application developments right from architecture, frameworks, variety of version, SDKs, and much more
  • Usually, we believe in complete transparency with our valuable clients and therefore we always keep them updated relevant to project process throughout the development cycle. Likewise, we maintain transparency in pricing and other important aspects
  • We also offer support and maintenance after project delivery. We ensure that our valuable clients never face any issues once we delivered the project because we have checked everything twice for a better experience
  • For our promising and satisfying android app project service, we have clients throughout the world. We also have the ability to bring the app development ideas in your mind into the reality through our app development service suite
  • We have developed android application for many industries including healthcare, automotive, retail, finance, banking, and much more.

Are you ready to develop an android application within your budget? Without any hesitation, contact us immediately! Anyone of our expert team member will answer your call and give you the necessary assistance.