Amazon Reportedly Working On Testing Emotion Recognition Gadget

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Amazon Reportedly Working On Testing Emotion Recognition Gadget - Prima Analytics

Metal Friends of Humans – Emotions Along With Machine Intellectuals

In 21st century we are mostly surrounded by machines. How good it would be if these machines learn to read our minds and understands our emotions in a way we desire humans to do so!. “Machines can’t feel”, a fact turned into a myth by launch of new and advanced techniques of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) etc.. and providing voice, fingerprint and even face censors needed to turn these metal bodies to human’s emotional and physical support would be made by introducing emotion censors to machine. Amazon is now working on a device to detect such emotions with the help of microphones and voice-discerning softwares. This would be a device to be wear like a wrist watch and associated to wearer via smartphone app to analyze the emotional state of wearer. Although Amazon had not clearly announced anything yet it’s tearing had been started with Lab126 and the coded name of project is kept Dylan.

The sources indicated a beta testing program underway on Dylan yet it’s launch is still not predictable. It’s trial may include prototype hardware, the emotion detecting software or both. Designing machines that can interact with humans has been a lot of fiction than science i.e. always remained in stories until 21st century. After release of concept by amid advances in machine learning and audio and pictorial recognition these concepts are quite realistic. The major contributors to these human interacting machines are Microsoft Corporation, Alphabet Inc.’s (Google Parent Company) and IBM Corporation. Which design these devices for analyzing and responding to emotional state of customers. Amazon is really looking forward to invest assets in lifelike voice assistant which will increase its product recommendations from health stock. Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that the Amazon team is listening and analyzing the audio clips obtained by company’s Echoline. The patent filed in 2017 contains the system of analysis of vocal pattern to judge emotions of joy, anger, sadness, fear, disgust, boredom, stress and any other emotional state of customers which can be further used by Amazon to recommend them products or services they hold.

Some of the case studies described how these machines can recognize and work on abnormal emotional conditions such as sniffing, coughing, etc. Another feature by Amazon human interactive device offers techniques to differentiate wearer’s voice from the background noises. The new wearables are expected to use this technology as an advantage. Amazon’s new wearable device would offer both speech recognition software and the customer electronics so as to be present in one of the leading ones. This voice recognition device Alexa was widely appreciated on which, Amazon added this feature to video streaming devices for television as well as tablets. Amazon is also preparing to launch a collaboration of dashboard mounted speaker and microphone array with smartphone which has already created a lot of Buzz, having 1 million pre-orders. The other project in limelight by Amazon is their domestic robot reported last year by Bloomberg. This would be code named as Vesta which is after Roman goddess of hearth home and family. This would be a kind of mobile Alexa in layman language.

The emotional recognition is used for market researches and improvise the advertising or product recommendations. According to greater political polling bad on analytics AI, next generation artificial intelligence must assess human’s emotional sentiments as humans have tendency to drag emotions to every field of life. These voice assistants can be personalized on the basis of time of day, geography, account profile, and post usage information. Emotional stare can influence the preferences and responses according to both need and mood of the use without taking anyone as sole criteria to be responded. The launch of this wearable device is still not officially announced yet is being worked on at a very high pace. Thus, these wearables could be identified as begging of a new era in the books of human and machine relationships. Machines were made to lend physical support to humans but now as a friend, they would support you through your physical and emotional worlds.

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