12 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools To Save Your Time

Top 50 Blogs Every B2B Marketer Should Follow To Stay Ahead! - Prima Analytics
Top 50 Blogs Every B2B Marketer Should Follow To Stay Ahead!
May 29, 2019
12 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools To Save Your Time - Prima Analytics

Working for future needs appropriate clear results of present investments. Thus, the social media monitoring plays a viral role in the further updates and amendments needed in the company’s work profile. This include a clear and concrete data of the reviews about products, services and also the market competition of a firm. It also reveals the backlogs and the areas which need attention and repairing. It depicts the basis on which further social media promotions should be hold to increase the spectators and sales. For this functioning you need a certain tool which helps you to fetch, store, manage and analyse the user behavior about the product or service.

Here Are The Tools You Can Use For Social Media Monitoring:

Awario: Awario is one of the recent social media marketing analytic tool. Awario is used to monitor the mentions of your brand, company or even the competitors over the world web. It is a tool based on Boolean search which enables you to look for content ideas, influences, competitor moves etc. which creates a complete queries for you mentioning even the sleekest details. The Awario is a tool for all, as it is not so expensive thus widely used by both, large scale and startup firms. Awario’s pricing starts from $29/mo which makes it affordable and easy to use. Awario provides a whole data from about the present status of brand online. It also consist of a single free trial after setting to the paid plans.

Keyhole: Keyhole is a monitoring tool which helps in collecting data from the official twitter and Instagram accounts of a company which provides the insight about keywords, hashtags URLs and Usernames used by the account profiles. Keyhole gives both present and ancient recorded information. The other facilities provided by keyhole include heat maps showing activity levels in various parts of world and under different criterion. Keyhole cones up with a 7 day free trial followed by paid versions under different payment modules.

Brandwatch: Brandwatch is a tool for noticing the group of spectators according to you target rules such as interests, policies, etc. it helps in analysis of the social media posts of general public and differentiating them. Vizia is another tool to produce dashboards based on data of Brandwatch. Brandwatch supports Facebook, twitter, Instagram, blogs, news, YouTube, Sina Weibo, Pinterest etc. There is no free trial of tool yet it comes with three different payment options from which you can select according to the situation. It is an analytical tool.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite is the best tool choice for the requirements of publishing, collaboration and monitoring features all in one application. Hootsuite is not the application which monitor sources beyond social media itself yet provides best results by being associated to other tools like Brandwatch, Reputology behavior of various platforms about a product or service. Some of the features of Hootsuite are free yet some had to be purchased as additional services. It supports platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. and others via integrations.

Meltwater: Meltwater is an enterprise media intelligence tool. It governs the monitoring of the mentions of you keywords across the Internet thus ensuring the quality and usage of keywords in the company’s profile. The merits of melt water include its ability for provide customization options of dashboards with metrics which you need and the audience would look for, to be attracted towards the brand. Melt water is a paid tool with a price tag of $15,000/year which is further negotiable according to needs. The platforms supported by melt water are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, news, broadcasts.

Talkwalker: Talkwalker is a social media listening tool ideal for big brands and agencies. Talkwalker provides both mention of a brand and also the trends around your keywords usage analysis. It analysis the demographics, occupation and  interests of the audience. It also builds world cloud to fetch and identify hashtags used or associated to your keywords. Image recognition is also available but in case of enterprise plan only. Talkwalker supports Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, print, TV, blocks ans so on. The tool is paid under 3 different subscription plans i.e basic and other two are requested.

Tweetdeck: Tweetdeck is a tool to analyse only but thoroughly your Twitter activities it enables you to interact with feed manage inbox track and notice the the mentions of keywords and company name on the network its search options are flexible unlike the social options offered by Tweetdeck. The Twitter application can be operated directly by dashboards including setting country e language and date and also some flexible formatted keywords Tweetdeck is an absolutely free and user friendly tool.

Agropulse: It is a two in one tool offering both social media management and listening in various yet selected platforms. It notifies about the social brand mentions and the the scheduling is also performed by this tool.  Agropulse helps in finding influencers and streamline outreach associated to a brand with help of CRM which comes inbuilt for this tool.  Agropulse  support platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. It offers a free trial followed by paid tool operations arranged in four different types of modules.

Klout: Klout is basically a surveying tool which provides data about the opinions of audience about  your brand and what are the reasons behind that.  Klout is a worthy twitter tool for management of influencing factors through engagement. Klout is provided for Twitter only and is totally unpaid which makes it even more worth and useful for influence management.

Buzzlogix: As the name suggests, Buzzlogix is a “buzz calculator”. Which means it provides the buzz calculation of your product and services so that you can analyze the understanding of your products and services in market. If you or any of your keyword is mentioned, you can directly revert back to it from the dashboard. And thus proving to be a straight and clear interface between you and community. The first few versions of Buzzlogix are free after which you have to purchase the ” Add Ons”, for the tool.

BufferBuffer is a content managing tool which ensures proper posting of your contents throughout the day to the chosen social media profiles with all the essentials. Buffer supports in platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, company pages, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. After posting of content, buffer looks for its working and on working by it’s analytical tools. Buffer looks after the content of a brand.

Twitter Counter: the Twitter stats if a brand are monitored by Twitter Count it’s widgets and other buttons allow to add websites, blogs and other social media contents to show follower and most recent views. Further information such as retweets, mentions and data can also be checked and tracked via twitter count. This output can be obtained by creating custom reports and graphs and thus downloading it in reports. The twitter counter is suitable for only twitter and is free.

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